Weekend Was Special

Editor, News-Register:

Having participated in and viewed Memorial Day activities, I am certain the human spirit is still doing a lot of good. We are overrun with bad news and sometimes think all is bad, but there is so much good if we just look around.

First and foremost, Ogden newspapers deserves so much credit for all their efforts and ideas. They do so much to promote the valley and fitness. In particular their ideas in creating another event such as “Tough as Nails” was probably beyond anyone’s expectations in how nice an event it was. In particular (as a spectator) I got to see how people work together to see all accomplished their goals. Watching the last obstacle (a wet climbing wall; everyone should have seen the good will exhibited). A special viewing and in-depth story should be done on this event alone. Once again, thanks to Ogden to make it a special weekend for me and my family and many other people from near and far.

Don Orlando



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