Worth Emulating

Editor, News-Register:

Anti-Semitism is an intolerable hate crime. It is practiced around the globe by many people who may not know or care not about the following facts. Ignorance and jealousy play a significant role in anti-Semitism also.

For many years I was a steel executive associated with Jews in the steel distribution (warehouse) business. I sold them the steel that they resold or brokered. Without many exceptions, I found Jewish businessmen to be hard working, intelligent, risk takers. Failure is not an option for them.

The Jewish people as a whole know the value of a good education and see that their children are educated. They are extremely hard working and put many hours into their business ventures. But, perhaps most importantly, they are risk takers. It is common for them to mortgage everything they own, including their homes, to secure funds to invest in their businesses. They enjoy doing business and making deals. This is enjoyable to them. Another important factor is that they help one another. They will do their best to prevent a fellow Jew from failing in business.

They stick together because of the prejudice against them. They have to help one another.

So, instead of being prejudicial against them, we should emulate them in many ways. They merit our admiration.

Bill Schaefer



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