Enough Is Enough

Editor, News-Register:

Even though voters disapproved a levy for a municipal building, it looks like city officials are going to give it to us anyway, through a user fee which will hit hard for a lot of people.

Why can’t they just listen to the will of people? On top of that they want to spend about $15 million more for a parking garage for a private developer. If he needs one, let him build it himself. Don’t saddle us taxpayers with all this debt.

I agree with J. Jacobs 100% (News-Register 7-21). He has officials pegged. Downtown is a dream. It’s not ever coming back to a shopping hub. Why was a slum building owner visible from Route 2 not required to raze or repair? Now city wants to bail him out at a huge profit to use for building. Come on, there has to be a better way.

Also why do we now need an assistant city manager? We went without one for years. Also, Councilman Palmer should recuse himself from vote, as being a retired fireman. He is bound to be a little favored towards city. According to records, city is losing population, but city keeps spending more and more and yet our streets, water lines and sewer lines, etc. are in bad shape. Our offficals seem to think they have a bottomless pocketbook. Enough is enough, give up with the dreams.

Donald R. Britt



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