Everyone’s in a Hurry

Editor, News-Register:

I find myself laughing a lot these days, mostly to myself — out loud.

NO, this letter isn’t about roads, drug overdoses, the lack of adequate bathroom facilities for all genders in the building that serves as headquarters for our city’s finest, teachers’ pay/benefits (or lack thereof) or the Mueller investigation.

You’ll have to pardon me, but I’m just a bit mental these days from people complaining out loud at the Dollar Store about the slow service and understaffing to the very employee who is actually showing up to work every day and serving their demand.

And for some reason, I just can’t help but chuckle to myself when I am in the checkout line at CVS and the woman behind me pokes her finger in my back and “politely” instructs me to move forward or when I’m at Coleman’s Fish Market and a very nice lady (I am sure) mutters under her breath but just loud enough for me to hear that I didn’t move out of her way in an already crowded waiting area. I understand… I am older and slower and every precious second counts — BELIEVE ME — I understand.

And it cracks me up when I hear “friends” explain what nice people they are and then choose to vote for candidates who openly declare that they aim to terminate health care benefits and access to food for the less fortunate. After all, what is the cost to our society, they ask — indeed.

Where WILL we stack all the bodies? Once the pain and suffering is over and we can count our dead, what then?

It’s a good time to be an undertaker, don’t you think?

YES, I do find myself laughing a lot these days, mostly to myself — out loud.

–Howard Franklin, Wheeling


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