Give Me the Free Stuff

Editor, News-Register:

You have to plan!

Plan A: If the Republicans win the elections, status quo.

Plan B: If Democrats win the elections and pass the policies they have been advocating, there are several questions that the average American citizen should ponder.

With the open border policy, there will be millions more undocumented migrants entering the U.S. Though undocumented, they will not be illegal because of the open border policy that will be instituted.

With free health care for undocumented aliens, taxes will have to be increased to pay for the health care and all the government assistance that will be available to these undocumented migrants.

The 2020 census will not differentiate between U.S. citizens and aliens; all persons will be counted equally to set voting rights, electoral districts, federal aid given.

The Democrats will give undocumented alien drivers’ licenses, voting rights, and all other rights that American citizens now enjoy.

The question for the average American is this: If undocumented or illegal aliens are going to be eligible for all the rights given to American citizens, plus all the other freebies that Democrats have been advocating, as well as the advantage of not paying taxes to any government agencies on income earned while in the U.S. due to undocumented status, what is the advantage of being a U.S. citizen?

Would it not be advantageous for all American citizens to denounce citizenship, become undocumented U.S. workers, and claim asylum in the U.S. due to unfair taxation and benefit discrimination by the federal government? In comparison to the benefits given to undocumented migrants, actual citizens are at a severe disadvantage. Instead of the slogan “no taxation without representation” used by our forefathers, the new slogan for all persons residing in the U.S. will be the new slogan that the Democrats are promoting: “representation without taxation.”

There could be no reprisal from the government for renouncing U.S. citizenship. If the federal government tried to stop any person from renouncing their citizenship and becoming an undocumented U.S. worker, a class action charge of discrimination could be filed. Monetary damages would be awarded to all who renounced citizenships due to government discrimination.

Think of how grand it would be to be treated like an illegal alien rather than lowly U.S. citizen. To be able to work without taxation, gain free medical insurance, free food, free housing, free cell phones, free college tuitions, all student loans paid off, and receive a cash settlement because of the class action discrimination charge to boot. I am voting Democrat. I want to live in the promised land but not be a citizen of it. Give me the free stuff too!

Charlie Gordon



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