Need for Traffic Cameras Defended

Editor, News-Register:

In reference to the commentary by Bob Barr on May 29 regarding “putting brakes on stop light cameras,” did he get a ticket for violating a traffic light, or was he exposed on camera?

Or possibly had to pay fine or go to court. Well if he did, I’m sure he deserved it.

He has obviously never sat in a council room and heard complaints or been involved with police work, emergency or emergency room injuries and even death in speaking with a family after a loved one died because of someone disobeying a traffic light due to negligence.

This happens millions of times every minute of every day throughout the United States and is not excusable but requires common sense.

Traffic in large cities is bumper to bumper. Drivers are continually speeding and changing lanes.

They have lost respect for the other person’s rights — always in a hurry. Even in the small village of Brookside, I have to wait about 30 seconds after the light changes to green before attempting to enter U.S. 40.

If you didn’t have these deterrents, there would have to be an increase of millions of police, emergency, nurse, doctors and hospitals to attempt to take care of everyone’s responsibilities.

Could you afford to pay these salaries? Just imagine the chaos this would cause. Please use some common sense. In my 86 years I have never heard such a complaint from a reporter.

Having been a mayor for 25 years, handling traffic court and now a councilman, I can understanding the need of these lights, cameras and even the costs to maintain the proper people to protect and deter the irritable drivers, who are determined to be the “chief” on the street.

— Robert W. Thomas, Bridgeport


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