Really Reforming the Church

Editor, News-Register:

Archbishop Lori recently gave an interview to The Intelligencer, and I praise the paper for providing him the space to explain the church’s problems.

The content of that interview; however, makes clear that there is no need for anyone to listen to him any more. He has only limp slogans to give us.

Lori, and the priesthood have no credibility on the issue of abuse and fraud. How many lies of “never again” have we heard, how many lies that “things will change”? After countless rounds of this, the real solution is clear.

The members of the church must demand change and drive corruption out by force. Organize, withhold all donations until bad priests are defrocked and publicly shamed. Ask what is being done at every single service if that’s what it takes. Conscience demands this evil be ripped out by the root, not that Brandsfield and his ilk keep slipping away in the night.

Richard Steele



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