Boards, Commissions Praised

Editor, News-Register:

The city of Wheeling has many boards and commissions that are staffed by volunteer citizens who serve without any type of compensation, and sometimes, more often than not, their service is taken for granted. I have no direct knowledge of the function and responsibilities of most of these boards and commissions, however, I believe in some cases they serve in the capacity of a “check and balance” to a bureaucratic agency, and oversight and management tool in others.

I recently attended a Board of Zoning Appeals meeting and sat through several presentations by citizens or their representatives. And let me tell you, I was impressed by the knowledge, and impartial manner of the unpaid citizens serving on the board! They wrestled with their assigned task to review, evaluate, and rule on requests from citizens seeking variances to the Zoning Code.

In the end, when they had to reject a particular variance request, it was done with regret; and they offered guidance to the citizen on how they might realize what they wanted without the need for a variance. Kudos to those unpaid citizen members of the Board of Zoning Appeals, and to all the other citizens serving on city boards and commissions.

They’re really giving back to their community!

Hope Springs Eternal!

J. Jacobs



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