Downtown Wheeling In Disgraceful Condition

Editor, News-Register:

Not having the opportunity to visit Wheeling in a while, it was with much dismay that out of the area friends and I on the way to the Italian Festival were witnesses to a disgraceful entry to the city!

The old saw “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” was never more applicable! The streets downtown are a disgrace as are many others we endured in other areas we traversed.

The friends from Texas were astonished and surprised (as was I) that such conditions are even tolerated by city officials and even the residents! Is there no shame?.

I can just imagine the impressions of others coming back to reunions, festivals, etc are getting and taken back and spread around the country! Just unbelievable!

John Capobianco

Wheeling High School

Class of 1953


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