Police Officers Praised

Two of my sisters visited Wheeling and me recently. With so many negative things said about law enforcement officers in our country, we wanted to tell you about our wonderful Wheeling police officers.

We were fortunate enough to get to see President Trump at his fundraiser in July. We had met a police officer when we first arrived at WesBanco Arena. He was very kind, and told us where we could sit and wait. Standing is hard for one of my sisters.

On our way out of the arena we saw him and three other officers. They took the time to ask if we had a good time, and wished my sisters a great stay here in the Friendly City. One of them helped my sister step down from the curb. These four officers are real gentlemen. I wish I knew their names, but I can only thank them this way.

I am going to send a copy of this to the Chief of Police. I’m sure he can check the schedule and see who as working during President Trump’s visit. I want everyone to know what fine young men we have protecting us.

Patty Vermillion



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