Trump Is Un-American

Editor, News-Register:

At this time when Trump only wants to let only rich people into our country, we must remember our moral creed: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore…”

This article of faith of the Statue of Liberty reminded me of the thousands of undocumented aliens that became American war heroes. Marcelino Serna, one of the United States’ greatest heroes of World War I, was an undocumented Mexican immigrant.

After entering the U.S. Illegally and while Marcelino was sweating it out and toiling in the low-paying fields he was detained by immigration officials, and to avoid getting deported back to Mexico, he volunteered to enlist in the U.S. Army. He was sent to France and when the Army found out he wasn’t an American citizen, and he didn’t need to be there, they offered him a discharge. Marcelino declined the discharge and remained in combat.

Marcelino’s heroic combat began when his unit was ordered to move towards the Argonne Forrest in northeastern France. Private Marcelino had gone off against the Germans, not as part of a group, but on his own. With his daring, intrepidity, and skill at arms, Serna had killed 26 German soldiers, and captured an additional 24, equaling Sergeant York’s Medal of Honor heroics.

The Medal of Honor was decided by the powers that be was too prestigious an award to bestow on a Mexican, let alone an illegal Mexican immigrant. He was instead awarded America’s second highest decoration, the Distinguished Service Cross, along with purple heart with oak leaf cluster, and French and Italian medals.

Marcelino became a naturalized US citizen, retired in El Paso, Texas and died at at age 95 in 1992.

We are nation of immigrants of which most arrived on our shores only with shirts on their back. They built America and fought valiantly for our freedom.

Trump can stick his UN-American immigration policies.

Bill Bryant

St. Clairsville


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