Volunteers Merit Praise

Editor, News-Register:

Recently when the Mississippi Queen docked in McMechen, I posted on Facebook about how the dock and road to it were built entirely by volunteers. I did not know the whole story, so my father, Earl Suter, took the time to provide me the information, so I can give credit to the volunteers who worked so hard to allow this historic event to happen.

After retirement in 1996 my father Earl Suter, decided to dedicate time to the city of McMechen, taking care of and rebuilding Riverview Park.

For the next 10-plus years, much was accomplished at very little or no cost to the city.

Through the leadership of my father and many, many volunteers the following accomplishments gave the city of McMechen something to be proud of: Together, the City of McMechen installed a playground, removed the dam houses, installed tin roof on shelter, added garage onto shelter, added sidewalk from Grant Street to Riverview Park, installed a flag pole with lights, installed a gazebo, cleared the riverbank, updated kitchen appliances in shelter, replaced grill and benches, landscaping, applied and received three grants and general maintenance.

Last but not least, they built a dock and road leading to dock.

The following individuals came together at various times providing various services to make Riverview Park a place where memories continue to be created: Don Clutter, Brian Clutter, Billy “Catfish” Bonar, Berry Logston, Bud Logston, Joe Chincheck, Marvin Bennet, Charlie Pyle, Wade Richie, Okey Hayes, Frank Mitchell, Ralph Rich and Becky Clutter.

Can’t tell you how many hours these individuals contributed to this effort, but “If You Build It, They Will Come.”

My mom and dad, Loretta and Earl Suter, loved living in the City of McMechen for 40-plus years.

My sisters and I moved to the Carolinas and they followed us to be closer to us. McMechen is a great place because of the people who live there.

Lance Suter

Goose Creek, South Carolina


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