Common-Sense Ideas

Editor, News-Register:

I have sat with some of my friends who have some common sense and discussed Wheeling’s situation of needing new facilities and how our so-called leaders that have been elected for their knowledge and expertise can’t seem to come up with a solution that won’t cost us a large amount of money.

Our solution is that we have a building that is in our city that is owned by the state of West Virginia and is set up for law enforcement and not being used by them other than when they are coordinating a bust. Otherwise it isn’t being utilized to its full potential and the state is downsizing its barracks and dispatching.

So why not contact the governor’s office and see if the city of Wheeling can acquire it at a reasonable price ? It has parking all around it, it’s centrally located and easily accessible to the interstate as well as the city streets. And if the Ohio Valley medical center is closing, why not redo the parking garage that already has the fire department in part of it and can be accessed on two different streets?

Just some thoughts by some common- sense people of Wheeling that may save us millions of dollars of debt. Maybe we can put some of this money into our downtown streets so they don’t beat our vehicles to the point of disrepair. Maybe you can shake the tree and get something out of it besides spoiled fruit that leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Thanks for letting me vent but how much can the public take???

Rick Burtrand



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