GC&P Proposal Questioned

Editor, News-Register:

Good day, Wheeling.

For some this will be a “Who does he think HE is?” letter and others will ask, “If he cares so much why did he move away after graduating from Triadelphia and attending WVU”? Well the answers are: one who saw it coming, and one who still has many fond memories.

So why am I bothering to comment on the GC&P project? Because I am concerned about its viability, taxpayer cost, and safety. After studying their 100-acre plan for the hill behind where I used to live, I got into a discussion on Facebook with a gentleman who was adamantly for this project. I asked him if Waddles Run and Boggs Hill Roads had been significantly widened since I traveled them in the mid-60s. I asked if Wheeling was going to be able to supply water and sewer to all these 100 acres and add the 7- foot culverts down Waddles Run or through Edgewood all the way to Wheeling Creek. As you know, the run-off routinely floods these creeks even without the development. Then I asked him how much the city was being asked for in tax incentives after they did all the infrastructure improvements and therefore how much in total this private development was going to cost the taxpayers.

The gentleman then began a tirade about how Woodside and Edgewood were always against everything and considered themselves above everyone else. That was it. There had been no information gained as none had been offered so I decided to write this letter. Maybe someone can tell me why this is a good idea. I don’t think it is.

Ned Sheats Jr.

Mission, Texas


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