Here’s a Scorecard:

Editor, News-Register:

When in doubt, go shopping. That seems to be the wife’s answer to any problems, perceived or real. That also seems to be the mayor and city council’s philosophy, when you look at their history since being elected to office.

It almost took an act of God to get them to back off from the two-way street proposal, and don’t be surprised if that isn’t brought up for vote before Wheeling’s own gang of seven tiptoes out of office come this May.

Let’s see, major accomplishments for this group include, but may not be limited to: alienation of a large percentage of the taxpayers and voters, raising taxes by passing a “user fee,” proposing to charge little league teams to use city ballfields, hiring a public information officer, issuing and enacting a memorandum of ynderstanding with Alecto so they would purchase OVMC/EORH, increasing the pay of the mayor and city council, throwing good money after bad by selling the two Main Street properties for a token fee and then giving the developers $350,000 for repairs and improvements, working to get a parking garage built for an out-of-town developer at the expense of the taxpayers, giving downtown businessmen up to $15,000 in grant money to improve the fronts of their buildings, approval of spending up to $10 million for a downtown streetscape project, and finally, moving forward with a new public safety building after the voters rejected it at the ballot box.

I’m sure more could be identified if their actions were more transparent. Now here’s a partial list of some of the things they couldn’t find the time or money to do: They didn’t move forward to audit the fire service fee after numerous deficiencies were brought to their attention, they didn’t take any administrative action to rectify selective code enforcement, they didn’t take any action to address the flooding that home owners are experiencing in “Moringside,” they didn’t take any action to address the inadequate storm drainage system in the Elm Terrace area, they didn’t take any action to fix the “sink holes” in Warwood, they didn’t take any action to tear down the unsafe, hazardous, and vacant properties throughout the city, they haven’t spent any money maintaining the existing parking garages, they haven’t spent any money maintaining any of the fire stations, and they’ve ignored the deterioration of the Washington Avenue bridge, to name a few.

I’ll close by saying “never have so few, done so much, and accomplished so little.”

Come May, I encourage the voters to go to the polls and vote them all out!

Wheeling can, and will be a viable city with a promising path to the future under new leadership.

Hope springs eternal!

J. Jacobs



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