Let’s Leave W.Va.

Editor, News-Register:

The Northern Panhandle of WV seems to have been forgotten by our state dept. of highways until something major happens, like the complete disrepair and maintenance of both I-70 and Rt 40. Now we have a another dilemma because the 100- year-old wall and sidewalk up Wheeling Hill is crumbling and falling over the hill. It has a major slip at the top closing one lane and with the sidewalk closed for years until the state sends an engineer to access the situation and report that it too needs completely rebuilt.

It won’t be addressed, I hear, until the interstate project is finished. Both of these major thoroughfares have been severely neglected and need millions, because even though our northern panhandle has a booming oil and gas industry, those in Charleston decide where it goes.

Not since Arch Moore was governor in the 70s has the northern panhandle been even considered part of WV. Solution: Let’s see if Ohio or Pennsylvania wants us. We have a booming gas industry, and a strong future economy to draw tax dollars from. Our citizens are independent, loyal and hard working. Our clown governor could care less about the thousand jobs left by the closing of the once “best hospital in the state.” He makes jokes and no one really understands them. He was aware of both the condition of our roads and impending doom of the OV. It’s about time those downstate understand the northern panhandle IS part of WV. If not, maybe Ohio or Pennsylvania might want us. We left Virginia back on June 20, 1863 and became WV. Our forefathers cared about equality and fairness to all. As I see it the people of Northern WV aren’t getting our fair shake. We should band together and demand equal respect when it comes to our infrastructure and citizens. You listening, Ohio and Pennsylvania? We have a lot to offer here in North West Virginia.

Mike Hudimac



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