Maintain Zoning

Editor, News-Register:

Residential zoned sections of the Wheeling community are deemed residential for people in this city, to establish, augment, improve, invest and raise their children in a safe healthy place, thus an asset and investment for Wheeling.

Business zoned districts are for BUSINESS, to be separate from residential. Downtown Wheeling isn’t overpopulated with businesses.

Business needs to stay in town and their zoned business areas. Attract business to downtown.

People of this city deserve the courtesy, to be free of worries, about detrimental unearthing decisions, uprooting their family earned lifestyle.

My home was encroached upon.

City officials involved with the destruction of my neighborhood are gone. The destruction remains. Home life has deteriorated here.

Save the remaining community and give children their deserved residential community, zoned residential, for the remaining decent residential areas of this beautiful City of Wheeling.

Sarita Dofka



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