Opinions Won’t Change

Editor, News-Register:

This is in response to a letter to the editor published on Aug. 22 and headlined, “Be a Stand-up President.”

Well, Mr. Bryant, you sure told us like it is and you pulled no punches when it comes to how you feel about Trump. We now know he is everything from a traitor to a criminal, to a fraud, a grifter and a racist liar. Oh, we also know that he has no compassion or morals, not to mention he is a flip-flopper. We thank you for the enlightenment. Now that we have that all cleared up and out of the way, I have to say that there was one part of your letter that I found to be most humorous, and I quote: “I am convinced that if Trump stood up for sensible gun control, he would be celebrated as a great president, even by the millions that currently find him disgusting.”

Mr. Bryant, are you trying to lead us to believe that if Trump changed his position on gun control — on which he has not wavered, by the way, despite pressure from the gun control lobby — and called for more stringent background checks, and on mental illness, that those who disapprove would somehow embrace him?

Mr. Bryant, we, as the base, are convinced of two things and two things only. First, no matter what this man does or will ever do, it will never be good enough for a majority. They would just find another excuse to deman and hate. Second, we are convinced that the good that some men do will never be accepted by a few. Perhaps author Dan Brown said it better: “I’ve learned that universal acceptance and appreciation is just an unrealistic goal.”

Joseph Wade



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