Some ‘Faithful to the End’

Editor, News-Register:

Readers, how many of you are as nauseated as I to read the numerous hollow platitudes from Wheeling Hospital, including the new CEO stating OVGH/OVMC’s history? Of course, it was never mentioned that in the early 80s, Wheeling Hospital’s nefarious deal with an insurer prohibited patients to continue to receive the better nursing care they had been accustomed to. Even through insidious evetns and several lawsuits, the Diocese was always there to bolster their good Catholic hospital that for years refused patients with no health insurance. OV cared for those people.

Of course, OV’s board of directors is not blameless — maybe less than we are aware, even. The same “old money” individuals who refused to be progressive for OVMC also kept downtown Wheeling from changing to a modern shopping arena. St. Clairsville has the mall because the same mind-set was for no change. Another brilliant decision of the board was a $300,000 annual salary for one of the CEO/administrators. There hasn’t been one worth that since “J. Stanley.” He would have seen through these foreigners coming from California, knowing they would not follow through on their big plans for renovations, equipment, etc. As Gov. Justice stated, Alecto people think very little of West Virginians. Alecto personnel even had to be so belittling as to inform a supervisor that if any items were damaged during the emotional, heartfelt midnight closing ceremony at EMSTAR, the supervisor would pay for the items. This shows the type of people they deal with where they are based. West Virginians have more integrity by far than those of the West Coast. I guess people who skim profits, do not pay bills and don’t honor promises just cannot fathom that there are good, honest individuals who care about others, not just the almighty dollar.

Fairmont, W.Va., had better be on guard. Are Fairmont General Hospital’s debts being paid?

Many of the 2,781 graduates of the OVGH School of Nursing from 1892 through 1988 were “faithful to the end” for our hospital, as our Alma Mater states. Too bad we didn’t have more to stand up for us and our hospital at the end.

S.F. Johnson



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