User Fee Criticized

Well, what did people expect? We got the user fee even though majority of people are against it or wanted it put on hold. The ones who voted it in were going to pass it come h— or high water. Now we are going to experience big expenses from Washington Ave. bridge, plus loss of taxes and fees from loss of OVGH and center Wheeling parking garage.

Why the big rush? Why don’t the council persons in favor go all out and donate their council salaries towards cost? Why not build at the location of parking garage, since I don’t think there will be much need for parking, barring a miracle. Maybe council can pull one out. They seem to have big dreams, maybe they can dream one up.

In the meantime I could show them lots of streets that go unrepaired except for occasional patching, which doesn’t last long. Also why do the police need a public spokesperson; did the chief lose his voice? We did without one before, why do we need one now? Also the assistant city manager: Why now? To chauffer the CM around? Although everyone deserves a second chance it should have been somewhere else. Maybe we need a building, but more thought should go into it. especially location cost. Oh well, enough griping for today.

Donald Britt



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