Enforce Speed Limit

Editor, News-Register:

Over the last few months, starting with the coal mining under I-70, the amount of large truck traffic has increased dramatically on Route 40. With the construction nightmare in the next few years constricting the major East/West route, it will only get worse.

It’s 15 miles from Claysville, Pa., to Elm Grove, whether you take I-70 or Route 40. The problem is Route 40 has a maximum speed limit of 45 mph. The trucks and out-of-town travelers are trying to save time waiting in traffic using alternate Route 40. Many trucks, especially the two major package delivery companies, are using it to keep on-time delivery and avoid damage to packages because of the many bumps in the mine construction area.

Do we need another major truck accident and death of a local resident or family to enforce the speed limit on Route 40? The trucks talk to each other and if they see no police patrolling they drive like it’s an interstate. I’ve seen many cars driving way over the limit also from out of state. The state police and sheriff’s dept. are busy enough and can’t patrol, but random speed traps would slow the speeders down. The local townships with police protection could also monitor the now heavily traveled alternate to prevent another accident. Are our Ohio Valley residents who live and drive the route to work, school and church worth it? Absolutely. We don’t need another death from a traffic accident caused by excessive speed.

Michael Hudimac



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