House Sale Criticized

Editor, News-Register:

The Catholic Diocese did an underhand backdoor deal by selling the former Bishop’s residence plus 12 acres of land for $1.2 million when according to Ohio County assessor office records value it at 20% more. The money will supposedly go to a special fund to assist victims of sexual abuse. The property should have been sold on the open market. The property is worth way more; the Bishop’s spent $2.5 million remodeling the place. Ask any resident on Elmwood place if they would sell their property for that amount. The Diocese thought they would just get rid of it as soon as possible so it might help the healing of such a terrible wound to the entire valley. Not so, because the victims deserved more. The cost of pending lawsuits due to of the poor conduct of the Bishop and its poor management will cost the Diocese way more than $1.2 million. I guess the higher-ups in the diocese thought they could just sell off the home quickly and sweep the dirt under the rug. The Bishop and the poor auditing of his lavish lifestyle will indeed go away forever, but the wounds he caused to so many will linger for years here, Congrats to Mr. McKinley for getting such a great deal on a home worth double what he paid. The victim s of Mr Bransfield deserved more.

Michael Hudimac



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