Happy Armistice Day

Editor, News-Register:

“Happy Armistice Day” from Ohio Valley Peace.

The 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month — let it be a time to begin peace today, as it was 101 years ago when we ended The Great War, The War to End War, WWI.

We have an American tradition of commemorating peace on Armistice Day. Armistice Day is an opportunity for “America to show her sympathy with peace,” President Wilson declared. And, Congress legislated it a national holiday “dedicated to world peace” to “perpetuate peace.”

And especially on this Armistice Day, we need peace.

For our children’s sake, we need peace. For the past 18 years now, since 2001, we have continually and increasingly been at war. Our new high school graduates, our newest ROTC recruits, even our youngest newly enlisted service members, have only ever lived in a U.S.A. at war. They have never known their country at peace.

For our country’s and world’s sake, we need peace. While Afghanistan becomes our country’s longest war, we have added to it the war in Iraq, and in Syria, and in total nine countries in which we dropped bombs in the past five years. Can we even name them?

For our humanity’s sake, we need peace. This past year, for the first time in the 18-year war, U.S. & allied forces took the lives of more civilians in Afghanistan than did our adversary there, the Taliban.

And for our veterans’ sake, we need peace. The burden of our wars — for more than 18 years now, and too often on second, third, and fourth tours — has been and continues to be unfairly shouldered by our veterans. Even as we replace them with literally dehumanized unmanned, drone warriors, as with wars past so still with our wars today, soldiers unfairly pay the price for war with their lives; but now more by suicide than by being killed in action. More than unfair, this is unjust.

We absolutely support our veterans. We support our veterans in getting the support, the healthcare, the mental health care they need. And additionally, we support our veterans in finding peace.

We all — in ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world — need peace.

And we can make peace. We were able to do it on the first Armistice Day, and we are able to do it on this Armistice Day.

Happy Armistice Day, from Ohio Valley Peace.

We encourage everyone to observe according to your conscious, and welcome any and all to join Ohio Valley Peace’s commemoration of peace at our WEJP Radio Studio at 1001 Grandview St, on November 11th, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. or 6-8 p.m., or tune into to WEJP 107.1FM for Armistice Day programming.

Vincent DeGeorge, PhD.

President, Ohio Valley Peace


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