New Garage Opposed

Editor, News-Register:

How many of you want to be a partial owner of another parking garage? Raise your hand! You know, of course, that you and I are already partial owners of a number of parking garages within our fair city, some of which have fallen into disrepair due to a lack of yearly, and required maintenance, but that’s another story. Now the mayor, city manager, and council have announced that they still want to build a mid-town garage without asking us if we want another garage. You’d think that if they wanted to use our money, they would at least have the decency to ask us how we feel about it.

If I recall correctly, a newspaper poll showed an overwhelming majority of the responders opposed to moving forward with this project. A question you might ask is, who directly benefits from the proposed garage? Well, the primary beneficiary, as I see it, seems to be the out-of-state developer who wants to renovate the Wheeling-Pitt building into 126 apartments, and the secondary beneficiaries would be adjacent businesses and building owners, including the mayor who owns several buildings that lack off-street parking. If this parking garage is so necessary, and will generate a profit, why doesn’t the out-of-state developer get with the surrounding business owners and pony up the money?

In my opinion the taxpayers are being used as a private piggy bank by the mayor, city manager, and council for ego-driven projects.

P. Jacobs



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