Keeping It Quiet

Editor, News-Register:

Imagine waking up on a lovely Sunday morning, reaching for the paper, and being jolted out of your seat by the sound of gunfire just beyond your front yard. And the gunfire continues all day, every day. That’s what the residents of the Roney’s Point/Chapel Hill area of Wheeling will have to endure if Oglebay’s proposed sport shooting facility is allowed to be built on the former Maxwell property, which has been donated to the park.

Obviously Oglebay would want to use this generous gift wisely and develop something that the whole community could enjoy, just as we all enjoy the park’s other facilities. However, this site is not nearly big enough or rural enough to keep the noise to a tolerable level. Although many would consider this area “out in the country,” it is still a residential neighborhood, and many families would be affected.

We hope that whatever Oglebay does with this property is a success, but not at the expense of the tax-paying residents nearby. Constant gunfire from a sport shooting range is unacceptable. Surely Oglebay could explore other options that would be beneficial to all.

Bridget Weir



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