No Bias? Come On!

Editor, News-Register:

As one who follows sports far more than I do politics, I often compare the two. First off, personally I’ve switched party affiliation three times in the past 11 years, much like NBA fans switch teams when their favorite players leave for greener pastures, except my “jumping teams” has been for different reasons. More to the point, though, is the recent FISA report. The IG, Mr. Horowitz recently said 17 mistakes were made and all were on one side, but he really didn’t see any bias.

What if this had been about your favorite team losing a close playoff or championship game? Or even a simple regular season game against a hated rival? Can anyone image Commissioner Goodell after a Steeler lost to New England or the head of the NCAA proclaiming after a WVU loss to PITT saying, “We’ve reviewed the tape thoroughly and shamefully admit there was a total of 17 ‘erroneous’ calls including many by the referees who HATE your coach and unfortunately all were against the losing team. However, we feel the referees weren’t bias or partial to the winners. Hopefully this can be resolved in the future so it doesn’t happen again.”

I’m just asking.

Jay Knapp



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