Put Range Elsewhere

Editor, News-Register:

Oglebay’s plan for a 7-days-a-week shooting complex in our farm neighborhood is a huge MISFIRE. We love Oglebay, but NOT how they are trying to force this complex on us, against the wishes of the Maxwell heirs who co-own the land.

Clay shooting on this land is WRONG for all involved, including:

1. Residents. It will bring noise, disruption, traffic, environmental concerns and safety/security risks where we live and work on our farms. There are over 50 homes in a 1-mile radius–way too close! Our residents continue share our opposition directly with Park and Foundation leaders.

2. Shooting enthusiasts. They will have to drive miles off the park campus on narrow dirt roads, inconveniently far from park lodging and amenities. Most resort shooting ranges are located adjacent to their resort in unpopulated areas with a clear buffer zone. This land meets NONE of these criteria.

3. Oglebay Park. This location will bring costly expenses, liability, legal issues and negative publicity to a beloved park. Most importantly: according to the will filed with the state, the donated property plus oil and gas rights are designated to benefit the Phil Maxwell Fund at Oglebay Institute — So, how can Oglebay Foundation/Park use it for clay shooting? We are looking for answers.

Solution: Oglebay has 1,700 acres of resort property and tracts of land which are better suited for shooting, guest convenience and project success. That’s where clay shooting belongs — NOT in our farm neighborhood! We urge the Oglebay we know and love to do the right thing: choose a better site for this resort project.

Dr. Matthew Wood, President

Chapel Hill Road Residents Assn.


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