Rethink Shooting Facility

Editor, News-Register:

As a lifelong resident of the area, I firmly and wholeheartedly OPPOSE Oglebay’s plans to develop a donated tract of land (co-owned with the Maxwells) on Point Run Road for a seven-days-a-week sport shooting complex.

The land sits within a one-mile radius of over 50 homes and family farms, including my own. It will bring huge disruption, safety risks, noise nuisance and security problems where I live and where many work raising livestock and growing crops. It is also an inconvenient location for the shooters who will have to drive well off the resort on a single lane dirt road, miles from park amenities.

I urge Oglebay to be good neighbors and develop sport shooting on land already available within the park’s 1,700-acre boundaries, where the topography is less populated, better suited for sport shooting, more accessible to park amenities and more convenient for park guests.

After having been away for the past 14 years due to my career and finally being able to return to my home in the Wheeling area, I find this latest endeavor by Oglebay very, very disappointing.

The Oglebay Park that I played in as a child and continued to enjoy as an adult, the Oglebay Park that I’ve talked about everywhere I’ve lived over the past 14 years, the Oglebay Park that I love and hope to continue to enjoy, can do better!

M. Christina Koch



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