Honesty Lacking

Editor, News-Register:

What is it about school superintendents in Ohio County Schools? We hire these well meaning people who apparently were good teachers, good principals and generally good people, but when it comes to honest interaction with parents on tough issues, they fail miserably. We see now that there is no connection between knowing how to operate a selfie stick and being an effective leader. Recent events reveal there is a clear disconnect between school officials and a growing number of parents. This is nothing new, but it was supposed to get better under new leadership; it has not.

“Together We Achieve” indeed — current leadership confuses activity for achievement. We learned this school year that you can punch a student in the back of the head and keep your job. You can make a mocking video of a student falling on his head and share it far and wide, and the superintendent thinks just a suspension is appropriate. You can create an imminent danger in your classroom, and administrators do nothing. You can file false complaints against parents, and administrators back you unconditionally. It’s not that OCS school officials can’t fix a pool, but they don’t communicate with parents until publicly shamed and still proceed to misrepresent events.

Parents are the last people to be provided any information, as “bad” news is buried in any way possible. School employees are told not to talk to parents, and central office seeks to control the dissemination of any less than flattering facts. Parents who seek information are labeled as troublemakers, and officials attempt to control their kids in ways both subtle and overt.

Ohio County Schools is about the haves and have nots. It is about cliques and cults of personality. Parents who have made waves know this to be the case. The current board of education is going to renew the superintendent’s contract; and I frankly don’t care. The 15 years my kids have been in the system so far have demonstrated that the face of the superintendent is irrelevant as the attitude remains the same.

David Delk



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