Is It Coincidence?

Editor, News-Register:

Are you kidding me? Can anyone tell it’s an election year? Little over three months and our local elections take place, just in case you didn’t know. Well, that’s what our council and mayor must think. Is it a coincidence that they now have over $300,000 to do the largest demolition project the city has seen in years? One of the biggest complaints besides the roads is the dilapidated buildings all over our city. So three months out from elections they decide to approve this project.

Really? Just plain politics. Of course, it’s a good thing. Or is it? Yes, they need to come down, but let’s add to the list all the announced road and bridge projects throughout our city that all of a sudden come to the approval list of the council and mayor, using half of the new user fee money, they don’t have yet, but will borrow against to complete these projects. These projects had three years to be approved and completed, but no, let’s do it when half the main highways are closed and local roads and byways will be extra crowded. What a great time to do these projects. What great planning.

I am sorry, but do they think we are stupid? It takes three and a half years to come to these decisions. Really. It starts with leadership, planning, and just plain common sense. Gee, I wonder who’s buying the next round to celebrate these accomplishments. The times they are a-changing. God, please bless our city. Oh wait, I don’t think I can say that in Wheeling anymore.

Chris Hamm



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