Firefighters Thanked

Editor, News-Register:

Several pats on the back and many “well dones” should be given to the Wheeling Fire Department for their massive effort in containing the major fire in Warwood on the night of Friday, March 6.

It was a huge fight to contain the massive fire and to keep it from spreading further, due to the close proximity of all of the structures in that block and the fact that there was a water break, which I am sure affected their firefighting efforts.

It was a huge task and was accomplished with a great deal of energy and exertion. If exhaustion set in, it never showed. Firefighters from every fire station in the city responded to get the fire under control and put it out. Off-duty city firefighters were called in to protect the rest of the city. They earned and deserve a huge “THANK YOU”!

Mike Trabert



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