Scatterday Criticized

Editor, News-Register:

Last Tuesday evening, I attended a forum at the Temple Shalom in Wheeling where candidates for Ward 4 were asked various questions from the crowd, but I was quite disappointed in the event. Not only did only a small percentage of people attend the event, but our current council person made a mockery of it.

Wheeling city Councilwoman Wendy Scatterday stood up near the end and slipped a piece of pink paper to the moderator. It asked whether or not any of the candidates were endorsed by Scatterday. With a head nod from Jerry Sklavounakis, she stood up, declaring her endorsement for him. It was a terribly unfair display and not appropriate for that type of event.

I have lived in Ward 4 for many years and haven’t seen much action by Miss Scatterday and certainly do not want another four years of her leadership through someone else. Our streets need paved, the storm sewers are still a huge issue and our playground was ignored.

Scatterday seems to start a project and never finishes it. The current proposal for a development in the GC&P area is an issue for some people, but I am concerned about other issues. I also think Wheeling needs development and job growth. I urge my neighbors to vote for Crissy Clutter or Jeff Knierim. They are at least open-minded and will listen to all neighbors instead of just a few belonging to the Woodsdale United group.

Jim Parsons



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