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Editor, News-Register:

Many changes have taken place in the first half of 2020 — most of which have been purely terrible.

One of which is the termination of a beloved professor at West Liberty University, Tammie Beagle.

Tammie was an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism, Communication Studies and Virtual Art.

Tammie has been teaching with West Liberty University for 12 years, providing an education to students in leadership skills and journalistic integrity. Tammie, who is also an alumnus of WLU, has well over 30 years of experience in her field and has used it to teach countless students the skills needed to become news reporters, writers, radio hosts and more.

When I met Tammie as a student in 2013, I sat in the back of the room and was afraid to speak openly on just about everything.

The first story I ever wrote for her was about a Disney movie and in just a few years, I was writing stories about the university’s financial situation, a student who professed that she was raped and many other difficult subject matters.

She took me from a college student to a college-educated young adult who didn’t shy away from a challenge.

Tammie worked with me and many other students every day for years, teaching us how to better our writing, increase our assertiveness and expand our intelligence.

Tammie is the type of educator that will stand up for her student whether they were right or wrong and then speak to them privately about how they could have done better.

Out of all the professors I have encountered, she is the only one that would really sit me down and want to hear about why I was unhappy or why I wasn’t trying hard enough or why I didn’t show up to class.

She never makes the assumption that a student is a slacker.

Tammie always goes out of her way to ask, “OK, what’s going on? Tell me what is on your mind.”

Her contributions to her student body, West Liberty University, local shelters and businesses and the community are endless.

In addition to my own personal history with Tammie, it is vital that West Liberty University have Tammie on their staff in an effort to ensure journalistic integrity and exceptional writing skills in the state of West Virginia.

This state is rated as one of the lowest in education and offers very few opportunities to major in journalism.

Removing one of the finest educators in this area is going to do nothing except set students back significantly once they return to school.

This change in administration is radiating out into other cities and even states because students and graduates of the university are in an uproar over the loss of Tammie Beagle.

It is also important to note that Tammie is the adviser for West Liberty University’s newspaper The Trumpet.

Under her advisory, the staff tripled, The Trumpet Online was created and a community of like-minded people found a way to come together.

This year marks the student newspaper’s 100th edition and the students are having to celebrate this milestone in the midst of their leader being removed.

I am not alone in the outrage. My fellow alumni have not been quiet about their feelings as well.

“I am so angry. She was the only professor I had in my major that actually taught me anything.” — Finn Brown.

“I learned more from Tammie Beagle than I did in any non-major classes. She is a wonderful person and an amazing educator. I am astounded that the school would make a decision like this.” — Meaghan Macey.

“I learned so much from Tammie Beagle and all her classes. This just stings.” — Jalyn Bolyard.

“As a journalism alumnus and former editor of The Trumpet, I was very shocked and disappointed by this news. As someone who passionately seeks out the truth, I’m also very disappointed by the lack of answers we’ve received from the administrators at this time, brought by frustrated alumni and concerned students wondering how their education will continue.” — Daniel Morgan.

“Fair is fair and termination in this case is not fair.” — Sidney McLaughlin. A petition has been created with 396 signatures as of Thursday, May 21 in an effort to get Tammie Beagle back on the Hilltop.

If you would like to help Tammie Beagle rightfully get her position with West Liberty University back, please sign the online petition, which can be located at change.org.

You may also call West Liberty University and request she be rehired.

Jessica Broverman



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