Be Careful With Tree

Editor, News-Register:

Regarding the small park added at the base of the “Witness Tree” at Monument Place, I was pleased to see that the tree was not totally removed but I want to caution people that adding material around the base of a tree like this is not recommended. Tree roots lie in just the first few inches of soil and need to breath.

In the case of the Witness Tree, it had already been severely stressed by removing 100% of its food source — the leafing branches. A heavy skid-steer was then driven over the area repeatedly, compressing the soil in the root zone. It looked like about 24 inches of gravel was added, then soil, followed by a layer of brick pavers. This can choke off the roots and kill most trees with the damage taking two to three years to appear. Once it does, the tree is likely beyond saving. Hopefully, the Witness Tree has enough widespread root structure that it may survive this treatment but most trees will not. Here is a link that explains this in more detail. https://shadetreeexpert.com/fill-soil-over-roots/

David Stauver



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