Stay Healthy, Anyway

Editor, News-Register:

“Wearing that mask isn’t good for you,” said the mail voice behind me.

“Why are you wearing that? It’s not good for you,” persists the voice.

“To protect you and others,” I respond.

“Well, I did a lot of research on this and the whole damn thing is a bunch of BS.”

“120,000 people in the United States are dead, you know.”

I can’t get away from his voice, as I would lose my place inline to get take-out food of good fish sandwiches.

To my statement, he says to me and anyone else in earshot of his voice, “That’s a lot of crap. They just want you to believe it. They are just putting it out there to fool us.”

I think to myself, to what end would THEY just be telling us these numbers. To frighten us? And for what reason? I wish this line would move along a little faster.”

“Yeah, this whole thing is a bunch of s—- for sure. I’ve had two hip operations put off cause of this bull—–,” says the loud voice directly behind me.

“Yeah, bunch of BS.”

Finally I get my turn to enter and place my order. I get my fish, turn to him and say, “Stay healthy,” and depart, shaking my head.

Some people you just can’t fool!

J. Ted Glatz



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