Democrats Betrayed

Editor, News-Register:

Open letter to West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice:

Dear Governor Justice:

I have watched your daily briefings for the past three months for updated information on the state of COVID-19 in West Virginia. During those briefings you have often mentioned your relationship with President Trump. You shared information that you and president have weekly telephone calls and President Trump loves West Virginia, and how much you respect the office of the president of United States. This may be helpful in getting West Virginia the resources it needs and deserves.

However, you have gone farther than that to magnify the president’s dislike for other elected officials by making statements that appear to echo his sentiments. You have hurled insults at Nancy Pelosi, Joe Manchin and Andrew Cuomo, all elected leaders who are working to try to ease the effects of the problems of pandemic, economic downturn and systemic racism facing our state and country at large. It seems to me they are working harder than the president, who seems to spend most of his time tweeting and watching Fox News, to make things better for ordinary citizens like me.

Sir, I worked to get you elected –as a Democrat — and felt betrayed when you changed teams and became a Republican. I think that shows that you are more concerned with what is good for you than for us. In this part of the county, it is expected that you dance with the one who brought you. We have put up with the obvious partisanship of your statements and wish you would remember that you are governor of every West Virginian.

In my opinion, on June 3, you went too far In carrying President Trump’s water by saying President Barack Obama was not welcome in this state. In the middle of the protest, because of the killing of African- Americans in these United States, you decide to throw shade on the first African-American president. Being governor does not empower you to say President Obama is not welcome in West Virginia. You do not own this state. You work for all West Virginians, Democrats as well as Republicans.

In addition, you imply President Obama is responsible for the decline of the coal industry in West Virginia. Its role in the state’s economy was on the decline way before 2008. Technology increased the amount of coal each miner could produce, slashing the number of jobs in the industry. In addition, over many years, other fuels became cheaper for power plants and even householders to use. Meanwhile, clean air and water legislation has helped, and will continue to help, both the health status of our citizens and the cost of health care.

I am a granddaughter of coal miner, born and raised in West Virginia. We are and have been Democrats forever. Since you imply you are a governor for Republicans only, please return the tax dollars we have paid since you betrayed us. Because we are true blue Democrats, we feel we have no choice but to work to defeat you on November 6.

Marlene Midget



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