Concern in W.Va., Too

Editor, News-Register:

The day after the Ohio House of Representatives speaker was charged with taking bribes from First Energy corporation, several light bulbs went off in West Virginia. Yes, the same company that West Virginia granted a $125 million tax break to keep its Pleasants power station running.

The Ohio bribery scam is clearly ongoing and will likely take down several more people before it’s over. What should irk all West Virginians is that First Energy came to see Governor Justice with their hand out wanting a tax break while at the same time “bags of money” were being distributed in Ohio in a scam to keep their two nuclear power plants running.

We need a federal investigation in West Virginia to find out if our governor or other elected officials have engaged in any wrongdoing.

On the financial end, First Energy stock closed on July 24, 2020 at $29.48. It will be interesting to see what fluctuations in its stock value may occur this week. If you own stock in this company, you should be speaking with your financial planner for their opinion.

The West Virginia state legislature needs to be called to Charleston to tackle two pressing topics: 1. To see that federal CARES Act money is being distributed properly. 2. To immediately end the $125 million tax break we are giving First Energy subsidiary Energy Harbor.

This is our money, folks, and we need to get to the bottom of this.

Richard Armstrong

Ohio County


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