Repair the Streets

Editor, News-Register:

I know they have plans to streetscape downtown Wheeling, but the two main streets in town have been like driving on country roads for the last 3-4 years and there are more patches than regular asphalt. Yet we continue to let the state waste money on painting lines on them and you can’t stay in between them for dodging the potholes.

We can spend all this money on buildings, but would it hurt to put a skim coat of asphalt or grind it until it’s level, until they decide when we will try and fix it permanently? They’ll still just get it down and one of the utilities will come in and rip it right up again.

People are getting fed up with having to repair the suspensions on their vehicles. Maybe the new council can concentrate on getting us a couple of smooth city streets before winter hits. They were able to run a grinder from Fulton all the way over big Wheeling Hill and down to the middle of 7 th street and it took them a total of 3-4 days and it has seemed to have held up with all of I-70 traffic on the road from Fulton.

Why can’t this be done? It’s not a hard solution. I thought that Gov. Justice granted the city so much money recently and it was a shame to have a president visit our city and ride such deplorable streets to get in and out of our city. Wheeling administration needs to look at some of our real problems. Wheeling needs to get a grip.

Rick Burtrand



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