A Tiny Bundle Of Love

I fell in love again this week. I didn’t think it was possible to love anyone else as much as your own child, but it is. A tiny, pink bundle placed in my arms is all it took for the love bug to bite again.

Our baby granddaughter, Hannah June, was born Tuesday while most everyone else in the fine city of Pittsburgh was sleeping. Dawn broke with joy as this small wonder made her entrance into the world with a solid cry and later, contentment as her mother cooed soft words to her when placed in her arms.

There are moments in life that stand still for good reason. They are moments to savor, to cherish. It will forever be in my heart when our son, beaming from ear to ear, stepped into the doorway of the waiting room and said, “It’s a girl and everyone is good.”

All the fears and tears of waiting and hoping and praying came full circle with such an announcement. Four grandparents and an aunt collapsed into one another’s arms in a mutual hug of gratitude for prayers answered after a very long and trying night for everyone.

Now what? Just when you think you’ve figured out parenthood, your kids grow up and leave the nest, get married and produce grandchildren. Then you have to start from scratch with a new set of rules and guidelines. And for my husband and I, who raised a son, we will be maneuvering new waters that include pink party dresses and doll babies in lieu of Ninja Turtles and camo jackets. We can’t wait.

Already I have been offered tomes of advice from siblings who have experienced this new chapter in life.

We are still a bit in awe of the whole experience. It’s just neat to know there is a brand new person in our lives, a new life in which to share. Grandchildren are the reward for parenting.

Will we make mistakes as grandparents? Probably. With children, there are no set instructions that tell us we are headed in the right path. However, we know we must allow our kids to do the heavy lifting of parenting and remain, as always, on the sidelines ready to help out when they need us. We are confident, armed with a faith in God and modern teachings on child rearing, Hannah’s parents will do better than all right.

It’s funny how this love thing multiplies. When our kids marry, they enjoin us with new people to enrich our lives. Then with grandchildren, hearts swell and bind us even more to one another.

I’ve been told the best grandparents are those who smile a lot and keep quiet as their children learn to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of parenthood. All we can do is hope to be good listeners and sounding boards for our granddaughter’s parents. They already have the best tools for raising their daughter – lots of people around them who love them without question.

Welcome to our world, Hannah June.

Heather Ziegler can be reached at hziegler@theintelli-gencer.net.


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