Americans Have Duty to Use Votes to Save Nation

Before you cast your ballot, remember the great historic leaders who were instrumental in creating this beautiful country we are living in. First, Benjamin Franklin said, “Here is my creed. I believe in, one God, the Creator of the Universe that he ought to be worshipped.”

Second, Thomas Jefferson said, “I am a real Christian – that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus Christ.”

Third, James Madison said, “We have staked the future of American civilization upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.” Fourth, Patrick Henry said, “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Fifth, President Woodrow Wilson said, “America was born a Christian nation.”

Government agencies around the United States are trying to push Christian expression out the door. Even today’s school leaders are trying to push history out of schools.

America needs to repent. It is time for Christians across the country to step to the plate and make their voices heard. In just a few days, on Tuesday, Americans will be headed to the polls. This may be the most critical and historical election in deciding the direction of America. The freedom we share is being threatened. There are as many as 12 million illegals living in cities and towns across the country, in addition to the tens of millions of illegal aliens living in America.

Organizations at work in our country encourage those aliens to vote – in direct violation of the law. Despite of evidence of voter fraud in the 2012 presidential election, our president and his allies continue to turn a blind eye to this dangerous threat to democracy. A congressional opinion poll showed thousands of concerned citizens who support voters presenting a valid ID and proof of citizenship before registering and voting in U.S. elections.

You may have heard of widespread reports of rampant fraud: deceased voters, noncitizens, convicted felons, duplicate voting, even fictitious people voting in the 2012 election of Barack Obama. This is because there are more than 4 million illegitimate, including 1.8 million deceased people, registered to vote in America – and there are over 200 counties with more people registered to vote than have adult residents. Obama’s Department of Justice is fighting any efforts to clean up voter registration rules and is actually suing states to block voter ID laws.

The American Civil Rights Union is fighting these actions. Approximately 2.75 million individuals are illegally registered to vote in more than one state. Two historic federal lawsuits are forcing counties in Mississippi to clean up voter rolls. The Supreme Court in Indiana in 2008 ruled that states have every right under the Constitution to require voter ID to vote. All 50 states should do this.

Every American citizen has the right and privilege to vote in the 2014 election. There are several issues facing our country, one of them being a balanced budget. Every hour of every single day the U.S. government spends $200 million that it doesn’t have. We are approximately $17 trillion in debt.

Our country should cut its spending to balance the budget. As citizens of the United States, we should insist our government put in place a flat rate tax system that would be fair to all.

The next issue is border security. The government should take responsibility for not taking action. The president’s failure to address our border crisis puts you, your family, friends and neighbors at the mercy of radical Islamic terrorists such as al-Qaida and ISIS who are determined to kill innocent Americans.

Two hundred and forty thousand active troops are now serving overseas. Our Constitution requires the president and Congress to secure American borders and protect all 50 states from invasion and acts of terrorism (Section four, Article four). ISIS is in cities and states of our country, and in our universities. There are reports of 5,000 of them in Colorado. Congress should pass legislation to seal our borders and protect America from foreign nationals.

The governor of Texas stepped up and sent the National Guard to join the fight on the border. Besides ACORN, there are two other pro illegal-alien groups; one is La Raza and the other is Maldef, who want the president to take action on the so called Totalization Treaty between the U.S. and Mexico. This treaty would give our Social Security benefits to Mexicans under a national agreement. This deal is not settled. There should be no amnesty.

The borders must be controlled and illegals sent out of the country. We must stop Latin American drug lords and Middle Eastern terrorists from coming into this country. We must maintain military strength with stronger national security. Cutting our military would be a mistake.

I fear that Russian President Putin views us a weak country. We are now as vulnerable to attacks as it was on Sept. 11, 2001.

The president said that he wants to transform America. We didn’t know that our freedoms would be sacrificed. The president and the far left would like nothing more than to make us a socialist country like Russia. Big government must be cut, as well as frivolous spending.

Our basis of government, the Constitution, is being attacked, as well as religion, the Second Amendment, and conservative groups across America. West Virginia coal miners’ jobs are threatened by heavy regulations of the EPA.

The Affordable Care Act has been a disaster, causing people to lose good insurance and jobs. The Affordable Care Act has stripped Medicare of $716 billion and is still taking money to fund Obamacare. Medicare is in danger of dissolving. Doctors have been leaving, and patients are waiting long periods of time for appointments and treatment. One example in the VA scandal was where vets were waiting anywhere from 50 to 100 days to be seen by a doctor.

Do you want your country to continue this way and melt down? It is your duty, as a citizen and Christian, to go to the polls with the idea of saving America, spiritually and morally, and maintain the freedoms our servicemen and women fought and died for. God bless you, and God bless America.

Kubancik is a resident of McMechen.


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