Clinton In Her Own Words

Hillary Clinton likes to take potshots at her rival for the presidency, Donald Trump, over things he’s said. But here in West Virginia and Ohio, we’ve been paying attention to what she says.

Here’s a sampling from Clinton:

“… in order to deal with climate change, we’ve got to move as rapidly as we can.”

Asked why she, while secretary of state, encouraged other countries to use hydraulic fracturing to tap supplies of natural gas but now questions the practice here, Clinton said, “So we did say natural gas is a bridge. We want to cross that bridge as quickly as possible, because in order to deal with climate change, we have got to move as rapidly as we can.”

On President Barack Obama’s actions to wreck the coal industry: “The unprecedented action that President Obama has taken must be protected at all cost.”

Asked by an environmental activist if she would ban extraction of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) on public land, Clinton replied, “Yeah, that’s a done deal.” Later the same day, she emphasized, “No future extraction.”

Asked about Obama’s various executive orders, including those on the coal and coal-fired power industries, Clinton said she would “go further” if elected president.

And, of course, there’s everyone’s favorite: “…we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right?”

In saying action against climate change is needed, Clinton added, “that means something has to be taken away from some people.”

Just last week, Clinton emphasized one of the key issues in this year’s presidential election is the Supreme Court. Justices nominated by the next president will, beyond any doubt, shift the court either toward an ultra-liberal one in tune with Obama and Clinton or a conservative bench loyal to the Constitution.

After the high court last week deadlocked — in effect rejecting — an Obama executive order on immigration, Clinton said the ruling was “unacceptable, and show(s) us all how high the stakes are in this election.”

Trump praised the ruling.

So, why is Trump so popular in West Virginia and East Ohio? Let’s allow him to answer the question with a quote from a few weeks ago: “We’re not going to be Hillary Clinton.”

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