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Outsiders Just Don’t Get W.Va.

Now, before you jump to any conclusions about a healthy American male screaming, “who cares?” at the Victoria’s Secret model on television, understand why I did it on Thanksgiving Day.

She was the guest of a couple of network television “hosts” of the annual Macy’s Parade in New York City. It didn’t bother me that she and they spent several minutes discussing how great a new bra felt.

But they were doing so as the camera ever so briefly panned over the West Virginia University Marching Band. That was all I saw of the Pride of West Virginia on that network. Fortunately, another one had decent coverage.

Would the first network have treated a band from, say, UCLA, the same way? It’s doubtful.

West Virginia, however, is another story. Who cares about the hicks? Hey, they voted for Trump, didn’t they?

WVU’s band has earned the name, “Pride of West Virginia.” They are simply wonderful to listen to and watch.

Many West Virginians have good reason to be proud of our state for other reasons, however.

I cannot claim to be widely traveled. I have, however, seen some other states where the scenery is a big thing with the locals. They have nothing on the Mountain State. If there is a more beautiful place on earth, I am not acquainted with it.

Fortunately, the good Lord matched our environment with the people who came and had the fortitude to stay here.

By and large, West Virginians are tough customers. They are why I never have doubted the security of the Second Amendment. Do you want to be the soldier told to knock on a West Virginian’s door and tell him he has to surrender his firearms?

My fellow Mountain State residents are hard working and inventive, too. I’m guessing no other state has as many home owners who built their own dwellings.

Our principles mean something, too. They are not subject to modification by political correctness.

Perhaps what I love most about my West Virginia neighbors is their compassion. If you need a hand, you’ll find it here.

It’s doubtful the television parade hosts who, in essence, dismissed West Virginia in favor of a piece of women’s underwear get it.

Someone ought to tell them about the slogan that finished a close second to the one we adopted, “Almost heaven.”

You remember: “West — by God — Virginia.”

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