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What’s Wrong in Wheeling?

Editor, News-Register:

In all the years I have lived in Wheeling, over 60, I have never seen so much corruption, chaos and, sadly, death in all four corners of our city. With both hospitals trying to stay afloat, one battling a corruption crisis and the other a financial crisis, both of which are self-inflicted, how can their focus be on their patients? Next you have the enormous hill to climb for Wheeling Jesuit, whose money problems haven’t been much of a secret for years. A closure would be devastating for Wheeling in general, let alone all the students and staff. Just can’t happen. Go a bit deeper in the city and you see the most trusted having to save face. Yes, I am talking about the Diocese. When a pattern of ungodliness becomes evident, it starts at the top. I say no more. Then you step into the local government. From the human resources department, accusations of misuse of our monies to the top dog making some personal bad decisions. All of these things don’t seem to surprise anyone living here. The police department and the EMTs having to deal with daily drug issues that many times end up in death seems to just be brushed aside or ignored by many residents who just go about their business. Is it something in the water? People in Wheeling better wake up! It’s time to start asking questions and bringing those who are at all four corners of our city into accountability. No more secret meetings. When those in office don’t get it, vote them out. I’m sorry, but when the voting public says no to spending millions on a project, how dare they go behind our backs and try and hit us with a user fee (tax). Seems to me if you can’t manage what you have now, making the pot bigger won\’t make things better. And one more thing, the great idea of new buildings in Wheeling having to be three stories or more — I’m sorry, is just plain dumb. I don’t know of too many restaurant chains that are three stories high. Too much reacting before thinking. Wake up and start filtering the water. It starts at the top.

Christopher Hamm



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