‘Pie Crust’ Was Right

I received a phone call from a faithful reader this week. She goes by the pen name of “Pie Crust.” Several years ago she sent me her recipe for the perfect pie crust, and ever since then we have shared some thoughts and observations about life in general. It’s always good to hear from her and the things going on in her life.

So when she called this week, I knew something was really on her mind. She said she was fed up with all the negative news in the world, and raining for days on end didn’t do much to eliminate the doom and gloom. She urged — no, politely suggested — I write a column this week about the positive things around us. When Pie Crust speaks, I listen.

Here you go.

I don’t know about you, but I believe we have a pretty good place to raise a family in the Ohio Valley. Ignore the pockets of violence — they are slight compared to larger cities just a few hours away. There aren’t many places that can support more than a half-dozen colleges where young people can study for out-the-door career upon graduation. Belmont College and West Virginia Northern Community College, for instance, have classes that can result in jobs here that earn a living wage, i.e., in hospitals, restaurants and machine shops.

If you are a sport fans, you can find something to cheer about all year round. From middle to high school sports to exciting college play, there is someone or something worth the price of admission. Soccer leagues can be found in play nearly three seasons out of the year while ice hockey and public skating make the chill in the air fun at Wheeling Park’s ice rink.

Don’t forget the Wheeling Nailers professional ice hockey team and the indoor football team the West Virginia Roughriders who keep us entertained.

During the summer months into fall, we have festivals that celebrate the wonderful ethnic traditions of the people that make up our Ohio Valley. Don’t let me catch you saying there’s nothing to do here. Just pick up the Ohio Valley Summer Event Guide, pick a day of the week, and you can find a free concert, swim or other event. The guides are available at the City-County Building in Wheeling, the Wheeling Convention and Visitors Bureau among other locations.

Have you been to any farmers’ markets? These have become events that showcase more than corn and peas. There are food demonstrations, fun for kids and live music. Take the kids and grandkids.

Or head to one of our many parks up and down the river. It costs nothing to pack a picnic basket and enjoy the scenery and playgrounds. Maybe you prefer the cool, quiet atmosphere at your local library, offering a nearly endless selection of books and movies.

Pie Crust was right. Even if just for today, let’s dwell on the positives and maybe throw a pie in the oven, too!

Heather Ziegler can be reached at hziegler@theintelligencer.net.


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