Pay Attention This Holiday Season to What Unites Us

Pay attention this Holiday Season!

Realize there are almost one thousand West Virginia National Guardsmen deployed around the globe to keep our Nation safe and free. They have thousands of other brothers and sisters at arms also deployed during the Holiday Season. They represent less than half a percent of the US population that along with their families sacrifice so the rest of our Nation can enjoy the Holiday season. They live by the highest level of values and moral standards that have been the beacon for what our Nation stands for since formation of the Continental Army.

Realize that our national security is focused on five primary threats: Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and violent extremism. And that each of these threats have a cyber component not just designed to disrupt our digital world, but more importantly designed to spread disinformation and create dissension and division among us.

So out of respect for the sacrifice of the small percentage of our Nation and their families who are in the front line of our defense and the beacon of the true values and moral character our country represents, Pay Attention!

Pay attention to what we have in common not what divides us. Pay attention and try to live the same values we in the military live such as loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honesty and personal courage. Pay attention to those less fortunate and our veterans who need our help and encouragement as each member of our military would expect us to care for our veterans and those less fortunate.

Pay attention to the real reason for the holiday season and find common ground with those around you and care for each other. Don’t let our adversaries divide us! Show those who sacrifice for us and our adversaries what America really stands for!

God bless, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!


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