Driving Woes Set To Double

First it was just one vehicle. Then another passed me by. Both of these vehicles, in the early morning hours, failed to have their running lights on. I’m not sure why people do not feel the need to drive with their vehicle lights illuminated when it’s barely daylight. The same occurs in the evening hours, which I would think would be an automatic tipoff to law enforcement that something is amiss in the driver’s seat.

That’s pet peeve No. 1. On to my second beef: It also involves vehicle lights, but an opposite issue. Did I miss something in the driver’s license manual I studied at age 16? Why is it that fellow drivers do not feel obligated to dim their bright lights when approaching another vehicle? Those high beams can be blinding. I, too, find it difficult on some moonless nights to drive without using my high beams, but I know to be courteous to others.

Since I’m on a roll about driving, here’s another complaint. I believe every vehicle on the road today has been outfitted with flashing turn signals. I know this because Popular Mechanics informed me that the Protex Safety Signal Company introduced flashing turn signals in 1920. The first modern turn signal, though, can be attributed to Edgar A. Walz Jr.

So why don’t drivers feel the need to use them? They can prevent accidents and ill-will toward others. Citations can be issued for failing to use proper signaling.

My final complaint is about those drivers who insist they have the right to hold a cellphone in their hands while driving. I recently witnessed one of the worst cases of misusing a cellphone while driving. I was on Market Street in Wheeling, stopped for a red light. It was an unusually warm January day so I had my windows down a bit. I could not help but notice the vehicle next to me was being driven by a woman who held her cellphone in one hand and an extra long cigarette in her other hand. I’m not sure how she was driving. The funny thing is that she was holding the cellphone horizontally and I could hear that it was on speaker phone. Why not put the phone down? All of the above-mentioned pet peeves give me pause for when, in just a few weeks, anyone traveling around and through Wheeling will be challenged by road closures and detours. Please pay attention. I will be.

Heather Ziegler can be reached at hziegler@theintelligencer.net.


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