Look On Bright Side

Mother Nature is not letting the coronavirus stop her. I know this because the signs are all around.

Some enterprising young bird has begun its springtime ritual of building a nest in the top of our propane tank. Despite our best efforts to discourage her last year, we gave up. And we allowed her to incubate her tiny eggs before we had the tank refilled. It was a good thing the furnace wasn’t kicking on and our propane usage was down. We will accommodate this year’s brood as well.

I learned last year not to replace the front door wreath with a floral design. That was a near disaster when two birds took up residence in the wreath. The breaking point was when one of them flew into the house at 5 a.m. when I opened the door. It was another 30 minutes getting the winged creature safely back outside.

Even when that brief snowfall covered the ground a few days ago, the daffodils refused to yield. Several of them had popped through the earth but were bent over under the weight of the last measurable snowfall of the season. Now they are joined by a dozen or more that bloomed during the brief warmup on Thursday and Friday.

The horses grazing in the neighbor’s fields are losing their shaggy dog appearance. And the grass has started to green from the over abundance of rain and the fickle temperatures.

Lawn mowers and outdoor barbecue grills are showing up in front of Lowe’s, reminding us of good things to come. I can almost smell the burgers cooking in the great outdoors. Tractor Supply is displaying the latest in bird feeders and whimsical outdoor decorations. Wouldn’t you just love a larger-than-life metal rooster for your front lawn?

My sister K.C. has a small pond in her yard. Last spring I spent an overnight at her house only to be lulled to sleep by the urgent cries of the peepers coming to life in the pond. If you’ve never experienced the sound, you’re missing a taste of nature’s calliope.

There are certain things about our daily lives now that are making us anxious, even fearful. Many of us are working from home, schooling children or taking care of elderly parents. As the days pass, don’t let this deny you the glorious things that nature is showing us. Take a short walk and breathe in that which can’t be denied — it’s spring.

Heather Ziegler can be reached at hziegler@theintelligencer.net.


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