Safety Deemed Key to Reopening, Resuming Activities

“Plan” and “safety” are the two words most frequently used by individuals involved in upcoming events in Marshall County.

One of those persons is Grand Vue Park General Manager Craig White, who is getting ready for three attractions which will be taking place this Friday.

Mini Golf, Furry’s Ice Cream and Sweets, and The Vue Bar and Grill will be the attractions.

Actually, this will mark the second time that White has been involved in an opening, the previous one being the park’s cabins, which fell under the state’s first regulations issued by Gov. Jim Justice.

White said, “I put together a plan pertaining to the cabins, and have done the same for this week’s attractions.” He added, “I’ve submitted the plans to Marshall County Health Department administrator Tom Cook, who has reviewed them to make sure they meet criteria outlined by the governor.”

The plans stress safety.

Three major requirements for mini golf being that golf clubs and balls be sanitized, employees wear gloves and masks, and plexiglas has been added to protect employees. For the ice cream store, masks and gloves are to be worn by the employees, and plexiglas must be added between the employee and the customers. In the restaurant, the requirements set down by the state will be followed. They include having no more customers than can be handled by using 50% of the building’s interior.

By the way, mini golf and Flurry’s will be open from noon until 8 p.m., starting May 22, while the restaurant will begin regular hours on the same date. Actually, the restaurant was first opened this past Friday, using outdoor seating.

As to White, he is putting together plans for other park attractions such as the ziplines, the playground, the aquatic center, and other attractions. Of course ziplines and the aquatic center will include supervision who will have to be trained prior to being utilized.


Another plan which was recently turned into the Health Department was one involving the annual Memorial Day service in Moundsville, which will take place on May 25. This year’s service will be closed to the public but it will be streamed live on the City of Moundsville’s Facebook page. Go to Facebook.com and search for the City of Moundsville. Streaming will begin at approximately 10:55 a.m.

The maximum number of persons attending the event will be 25, which will include the Moundsville Honor Guard.

Bob Blazer, organizer, stated “Please keep all veterans and their families, past and present in your thoughts and prayers, also, all first responders and all the medical community for their hard work and dedication during these trying times.”


Also looking forward to being able to reopen are officials at the Moundsville-Marshall County Public Library.

The plan for the library will include reducing the space on the main floor.

Currently, the library staff is no longer accepting any books dropped off at the book drop, this being another safety issue.


Another local agency which has been involved in the plan-safety undertaking is the Moundsville Economic Development Council, which conducts tours of the former West Virginia Penitentiary.

Maintenance personnel have been recalled, and have cleaned the areas where tours take place.

Night tours were held Friday night and last night. Each tour had less than 25 persons.

Day tours of the prison will begin the first week of June.


Getting back to Grand Vue Park, that facility will be holding an online surplus sale to begin May 21, with items which belonged to both GVP and the Marshall County Commission.

Surplus items will be available to view at GVP from 2-6 p.m. on May 26, with those wishing to view the items to enter through the side door of the banquet hall.

The Surplus sale will end on May 25 and surplus items will be available for pickup from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. on May 30.


The Marshall County Commission, like the other 54 counties in West Virginia, were awarded $100,000 block grants earlier this month by Gov. Jim Justice.

The money from the governor came with very specific guidelines on how it could be spent.

As it turned out, the MCC on Tuesday announced that they would divide grant funds among all five municipalities.

Not only that, but they voted to award an additional $50,000, of which $25,000 would go to the municipalities — Benwood, Cameron, Glen Dale, McMechen and Moundsville — and the remaining going to the four volunteer EMS squads: Dallas, Glen Dale, Limestone, and McMechen, in the county. The two rapid response units at Roberts Ridge and St. Joseph will be included.

Thus, each municipality will be receive $25,000, while the six other agencies will receive $4,157 each.

Enclosed from the state was information dealing with the time period for expenditure of the funds, the latter date being Jan. 20, 2021, however, the commission is asking the local entities to submit their requests to the commission by Oct. 31, 2020.

The allocations of the money from the county commissions to the local entities will consist of making a request which will be reviewed to make sure the expenditures meet the federal guidelines, after which a check will be given by the county.


The commissioners on Tuesday also approved several other plans involved with COVID-19. They included:

All courthouse employees will resume their normal schedule as of tomorrow.

The courthouse will be closed to the public, except for persons required to come to court. In some cases court hearings will be done by video, but attorneys will be in the court room.

The state Supreme Court has issued an order mandating their employees, all attorneys and defendants wear masks while in court. That will be extended to while they are elsewhere in the courthouse.

The judges have issued an order limiting who can attend the hearings and additional procedures to keep traffic in the courthouse and courtroom down.

Elected officials/departments may schedule appointment visits to their offices if they wish. The public will be mandated to wear masks when they enter the courthouse.

Employees are encouraged to wear a mask when dealing with the public directly, but not mandated.


The Marshall County Family Resource Network, in partnering with the Moundsville Rotary Club, has decided to hold the fifth annual “Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation” community wide food drive online to support Marshall County food pantries, soup kitchens, and organizations who are continuing to provide food-related assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the health and safety of everyone involved, they are asking for online donations and checks with “food drive” written in the memo line that can be mailed to The Marshall County Family Resource Network at 1501 Second Street, Moundsville, WV 26041.

At the conclusion of the drive, the donations will be split among the organizations who are continuing to feed people during this unprecedented time.

Last year we were able to support 10 organizations with over 11,000 pounds of food gathered during the drive. This year it is hoped to monetarily support the organizations that are making sure people are receiving food during this increased time of need.

How can you help? You can make a donation on line at this link on Tuesday, May 19: https//charity.gofundme.com/2020frnfooddrive. We are grateful for your support.

Jim Cochran can be reached by e-mail at bugs52@comcast.net.


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