Sitting Pretty

To open or to stay closed? If you’re in my at-risk age group, you are sitting safely at home debating the latest thinking on whether it’s time to reopen many businesses that have been shuttered since the COVID-19 pandemic took its neck-choking hold on daily life.

Each day we learn about another event being canceled or postponed until heaven knows when. Concerts, festivals, parades and marathons have been a regular part of our warm-weather calendars, but not now.

As I talk with family, friends and co-workers, there is a general consensus that there is such a thing as a breaking point in our psyche. I was nearing mine the other night when a lightning and thunderstorm was looming. I decided to go out into the garage, open the wide door and sit and watch the storm approach.

The lightning rolled across the sky accompanied by booming thunder claps. As I watched the spectacular light show, I thought it might be the only fireworks I will witness this summer. I felt a pang of sadness creep in at the thought of all the things I will miss.

Then I began to look around the garage. I noticed the bucket of colorful sidewalk chalk and realized artwork is still at my fingertips if the grandkids and I can get together to decorate the driveway and sidewalk.

We still have a small, plastic kiddie pool that we could fill with water and stick our feet in when summer temperatures actually arrive.

Then I noticed that badminton set I bought at a church garage sale last year and thought that could be a good way to get some exercise and have some fun.

The old outdoor grill is holding on and promises to bring a picnic flavor to a plate of hotdogs — if even for just a few of us instead of a crowd.

Our lawn chairs have been out on the patio in front of the garage for a few weeks, although they were covered in a brief dusting of snow not too long ago. The chairs provide a front row seat to easy entertainment via the hummingbird feeder and menagerie of birds that visit the seed feeders.

The garage holds hope for a summer not lost. I’ve been thinking about re-visiting the game of horseshoes we played as kids.

As the rain chased me indoors, I smiled at the thought of all the good things — and hope — the garage offered in days to come.

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