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Tribute to Veterans in Cameron Features 898 Flags

A total of 898 American flags were placed on display Wednesday the “Field of Flags,” at the Veterans Park in Cameron.

The flags joined several other military reminders in conjunction with Memorial Day.

The others include a large American flag, a West Virginia flag, an American Legion flag, a POW/MIA flag, a monument dedicated to veterans, a monument in memory of those who have received the Purple Heart and flags representing the five branches of military service.

The veterans’ monument has been a part of the city since 1945.

Some 25 individuals, including four who served in the Vietnam era, were on hand to assist with the display of the flags.

The display began four years ago with 563 banners. The next year, there were 612 flags and last year the number increased to 673.

Cameron American Legion Post No. 18 member Jim Rogers, who has overseen this undertaking said, “The display of flags enables families to honor military veterans both past and present.”

As the result of the flags, the Legion Post has additional information regarding those from the Cameron area who have served in the armed forces from the Revolutionary War to the present time.

As to Veterans’ Park, it is located in the downtown section of the city, adjacent to the railroad freight station.

The B&O Railroad had a large impact in the development of the city of Cameron.

As to the lot on which the Veterans’ Park sits, it belonged to the railroad. It is now owned by the city of Cameron.

While on the subject of Cameron and the American Legion, an individual who has been a part of the Legion is Bill Harris.

The Legion recently elected its officers for 2020-21 and the person who ran unopposed for commander was none other than Harris, who is 95 years old.

Harris has been the post commander for Post No. 18 for the past 21 years, one of these years being the Legion’s 100th year. He also was president during the Legion’s 50th year.

Harris has also served on state of West Virginia Legion offices.

In addition to Harris, others who will assume offices on July 1 will be:

Hazen Pyles, first vice commander; Vernon Buch, second vice commander; Larry Hull, adjacent; David Rayle, finance officer; Rick Anderson, service officer; Bill Monohan, sergeant-at-arms; Kenny Riggs, chaplain; Jim Rogers, children and youth officer; Sam Bayza, Americanism officer; John Kosgrej, historian; Rick Davis, parliamentarian; Paul Stern, house committee; and Cheryl Murray, house committee member representing Unit No. 18 Auxiliary.


The annual Memorial Day Service in Moundsville on Monday will take place at 11 a.m., in the Moundsville City Council chamber, rather than on the grounds at the Marshall County Court House.

Due to COVID-19 the event will be closed to the public, however, it will be streamed live on the city of Moundsville Facebook page. Those wishing to see the event can go to Facebook.com and search for the city of Moundsville. The streaming will begin at 10:55 a.m.

The event will feature Marshall County Commissioners Scott Varner, John Gruzinskas and Mike Ferro, Moundsville City Manager Rick Healy, and Bob Blazer.


The city of Moundsville’s parks system will be reopening some of its facilities at 8 a.m. on June 1.

The larger playgrounds include East End, Park View and Riverfront, while the smaller one is Garfield/Ruby Streets and Valley Fork. The latter will be open sometime later.

The city has two shelters which it rents to citizens, at East End and Riverfront.

City Manager Rick Healy stated rules and restrictions have been drawn up for all of these facilities in conjunction with the Marshall County Health Department.

For the larger playgrounds, a maximum of 25 people will be permitted at any time, with smaller sites having smaller limits. Those playing are to bring their own sanitizer, with the participants utilizing their hand sanitizer before and after using each piece of equipment.

The city will be sanitizing the playgrounds at different times during the day, which will result in closing the grounds for a short time.

As to the rental of shelters, the person who rents the shelter will be responsible for the number of persons at the shelter, that figure being 25. Renters are required to bring their own hand sanitizer for use while at the shelter. Everyone at a shelter is to follow social distancing rules of 6 feet or more.

The shelter, kitchen area and restrooms will be sanitized prior to rental.


Youth baseball and softball are scheduled to begin in Moundsville on June 8.

The Moundsville Boys Baseball Association and the Moundsville Girls Softball Association will be fielding a team, with most activities taking place at Valley Fork Park, although there may be some boys’ baseball games at the East End facility.

The Four Seasons Pool is slated to be open on May 30, and since this announcement dealing with pool was not made until this past Friday, recreation director John White is working on coming up with a schedule.


Grand Vue Park’s Zip Line opened on Saturday and will be open from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m., today and Monday.

Persons wishing to participate must call the park office at 304-845-9810, extension 1, to obtain a time period.


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